+++Triumph In The Skies // EPISODE SUMMARIES+++

+++Triumph In The Skies // EPISODE SUMMARIES+++

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Episode 1 - Yik Sum meets Yi Shan

Sum comforts the illness-struck Yee

Sum is not happy with the flirtatious Wong

Shan is a member of the ground staff at the airport and she asks her colleagues for a special love doll (Triangel) because this will signify good luck in love. Sum and Chi are pilots and they each have different personalities and outlooks on love, but this does not affect their friendship. Sum finds the doll that Shan is looking for and prepares to bring it back to Hong Kong for her.

Sum and Chi are flying back to Hong Kong and on the way, one of the passengers Yee suffers from acute appendicitis and with the weather turning bad, the passengers start to panic. As co-pilot, Sum tries to put everyone at ease and he leaves a lasting impression on Yee. Hong Kong Airport is on emergency standby and await the landing of the plane. Yee is well looked after and develops an interest in working at the airport. Whilst looking after Yee, Sum accidentally loses Shan's doll, which is picked up by Yee. Sum calls Shan to tell her he has lost her doll and she is very disappointed.

Sum's mother Mei left him and flew away when he was very young because she couldn't stand his father's flirtatious personality and this made Sum set his ambition to be a pilot so he could go and seek his mother. Sum misses his mother a lot and is unhappy that his father Wong likes to meet younger women and the two often argue. Sum receives some information that his mother is living in Rome so he decides to take a trip there, Chi asks him to pass on a message to his girlfriend there that he wants to break up with her. Shan takes a vacation and goes to Rome to visit her friends as well as to look for the Triangel. Sum meets Shan in Rome and Shan accidentally loses her bracelet. Sum finds it and gives it back as the two develop good feelings for each other, however Shan mistakes Sum for Chi. Sum meets Chinese youth Fung and the two have an argument, parting unhappily. Shan and Sum meet again on Rome's streets and decide that they are brought together by destiny.

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Episode 2 - Sum's dream comes true

Sum and Shan share a passionate kiss

Shan and Chi meet through a misunderstanding

Sum meets Shan again and under the romantic atmosphere, the two hug and kiss and become lovers. Chi's girlfriend also looks for Sum and Shan mistakes him for being an unfaithful person. Sum also mistakenly thinks that Shan has another boyfriend and the two break up. Later, Shan meets Chi and he falls in love with her at first sight as the two quickly become lovers. A year later, Chi takes Shan to meet Sum and the two feel awkward as they refuse to acknowledge each other. Shan thinks that a year ago, Sum used Chi's name in order to split up with his ex and deepens their misunderstanding.

After the care she received from the airline staff a year ago, Yee has become very interested in working with the airlines and has gained a job with the airport. However her performance is not good and she is often scolded by her superiors. Yee tries to overcome differences between a pair of passengers and this causes a delay in the airport operations and she almost doesn't pass her trial period, but she feels it is worth it. Yee meets Sum again, but she daren't approach him and just keeps the doll to think about him. Her cousin Bor persuades her to go and pursue her real love. Chi is totally devoted to Shan and does not want to pry about her past and changes his flirtatious ways for her in the hope that he can be with her forever. He gives her many different dolls but they are not the one that Shan wants.

Wong is a romantic man, but he is a perfectionist for his work and in order to seek inspiration, he heads to Rome, where he meets his ex-wife Mei. The two rekindle their love and decide to reunite. Mei tells that when she ran away, she was pregnant and gave birth to a son, Fung, but all this time he had been calling her his big sister. Wong tells Sum that he has remarried and Sum is very unhappy. Wong secretly arranges for Sum to pilot Mei back to Hong Kong and makes his dream come true. As the family are back together, it should be a happy occasion, but Wong and Mei do not know how to explain to Fung about his background. Sum is not pleased with Fung's lazy attitude and Fung does not like Sum either.

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Episode 3 - Yi Shan cannot forget Yik Sum

Mei brings out all the birthday presents over the years to give to Sum in one go.

A group of dashing pilots film an advertisement.

Fung puts on an elder generation attitude, much to Sum's amusement and the two are constantly arguing with their relationship very poor. Mei and Wong see this and want to tell them the truth, but cannot bear to. Mei gives Sum his birthday presents from over the years and the mother and son overcome their differences.

Sum apologises to Shan and says that they should forget their past, Shan agrees. Sum and Shan are selected to be the "Flying Stars" in the airline's promotional video, but they both do not want to do it. During filming, there is an accident and Shan is nearly injured, luckily Sum dives to the rescue and Shan develops feelings for him. Everyone in the company gossips about how Sum performed a daring rescue and this stirs up Shan's thoughts. Sum tells of his childhood dreams in the promo and Shan is touched, but in the clip, Chi tells openly of his love for Shan, but she responds with reservation. Lo sees that Shan is torn between Sum and Chi and persuades her that she should talk to Sum about it.

Wong takes Fung to look around his kitchens in the hope that he will find his future path, however he only cares for playing and Wong is disappointed. Mei and Wong spoil Fung and Sum cannot stand for this, deciding to go against him and causing headache for his parents. Yee plucks up her courage to talk with Sum and thank him for his help. She returns the doll to him, but when Sum finds out that the doll has become Yee's lucky charm, he gives it back to her and she is very happy. Shan arranges to meet Sum and asks for an explanation, however she doesn't get the chance and loses her bracelet. Sum finds it and passes it to Chi to return to her. Chi takes the bracelet and a newly bought doll to Shan, who is very touched and believes that they have true destiny together, accepting his proposal.

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Episode 4 - Wan Chi finds out about Yi Shan and Yik Sum's relationship

Mei's words: "Fung is your real brother!" shocks Sum

Fung and Chung meet Ho through an argument

Sum cannot stand Fung's laziness and troublemaking and forces Mei to send him away, Mei can only reveal that Sum and Fung are brothers. Sum is shocked and tells his parents to explain Fung's identity to him, but they cannot open their mouths and use a second honeymoon as an excuse to put it off. Sum tries to persuade Fung that he should decide on a future and Fung has a thought, deciding to apply for pilot training, making Sum think that he is intentionally antagonising him.

Fung, Chung and Ho meet through a misunderstanding and the there are bad feelings between them. Yan works in the company owned by Chung's father but is made redundant by company cutbacks and represents the employees in talks with the company. She meets Chung who is attracted by her tough exterior. Yan is unemployed, but encouraged by her mother Ting to apply to become a pilot. Yee's cousin Bor is an aeroplane enthusiast and a good friend of Sum. Sum tests Fung and takes him on a flight on a light aircraft, Fung feels very unwell and makes a fool of himself, but this on the other hand makes him even more determined. Yee knows that Fung is Sum's relative and offers her support as the two become good friends.

Chi accidentally sees Sum and Shan's photograph in Rome and becomes suspicious over their relationship. Stuntman Siu Hak goes to perform on the mainland and his wife sees him off at the airport, not wanting to see him go. Later his wife faints and Shan helps to look after her, finding out she is pregnant. She tries to convince Hak not to perform, but the plane is already preparing for take off and pilot Sum refuses to let him off the plane. After much hard work, Hak decides to stay with his wife and Shan is happy for them. Lo sees that Shan is troubled by her emotions and suggests that she should be faithful to Chi, Shan calls Chi in Rome, but he is troubled and does not answer her call.

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Episode 5 - Fung applies for pilot training school

Chi: I will not let go of Shan!

Yee lends the doll to Bo.

Fung quietly goes to take lessons for flying a light aircraft and with good results, he gains in confidence. Sum gives a lecture on recruitment for pilots and enters into a discussion with Fung at the talk, making Sum quite angry and think that Fung is unsuitable to be a pilot because of his young arrogance. Chi gives the photographs that he found in Rome to Sum and Sum admits to him that he knows Shan, but because they only spent a little time together, their feelings for each other are not very deep. Chi makes it clear he will not give up on Shan and wants a fair competition.

Chung is greatly attracted to Yan and gives her the pay that the company owes her, Yan is very grateful. Bo applies for the pilot training, but he lacks confidence and Yee hands him the Destiny doll as a gesture of support. Sum and the others take part as examiners and Fung is very resentful, but tries his best at the assessment. All the students have a similar performance, but Sum is extra picky with Fung. The other assessors persuade him not to have preconceptions of Fung and find Bo's results are poorer. When they find out the relationship between Sum and Fung, their attitude towards him changes.

Chi tells Sum that he will be proposing to Shan, Sum congratulates his friend, but feels upset. Yee is responsible for looking after some children, but she accidentally loses one of them and receives a complaint from a client, luckily Fung helps her out but she has to face the wrath of Lo and Bo feels guilty for borrowing her lucky doll. Yee is worried she will lose her job and Bo goes with her to apologise to Lo. They meet Shan, who helps defend her and Lo finally agrees to give her one more chance. Yee recognises Shan as the airport worker who helped her in the past and is very grateful to her. Shan sees Yee's doll and is curious, after asking about it, she finds out that the doll was a present from Sum and was originally brought back for her. Shan realises that Sum was in fact her true love after all.

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Episode 6 - Fung finds out the secret of his identity

The Twins sisters are reunited.

Let's all go on vacation to Japan.

Shan wants to tell Sum her feelings, but cannot find the words. Wong and Mei return from their second honeymoon and Sum forces his parents to tell Fung the truth but they hesitate. The students are shown around Aviation City and increase their knowledge of planes and the company and encourage their interest in becoming pilots. The results of the assessment are announced and Bo has failed and is very disappointed. Yee tries to comfort him and he agrees to work hard and never let go of his dream to fly.

The pop stars Twins are sisters who have lost each other at an early age, but have finally been reunited. Special preparations are made at the airport for the occasion for the reunification and for the press to get their story. When the sisters meet, the scene is touching and everyone is very happy for them. Sum is very troubled with the dilemma over Fung's identity and confides in Chi, telling him that he and Fung are brothers, Yee who is passing overhears them. Chi wants to introduce Shan to his parents, but she refuses making Chi very uncomfortable. Lo tells Shan she must treasure Chi but she has her reservations.

Yan grew up in a single parent family and her mother Ting refuses to reveal who her father is, only saying that she was born in Japan. Yan wants to find out the identity of her father and takes the opportunity before she starts training to go to Japan on vacation and find her father. Chung and Ho are also planning a trip abroad and when they find out that Yan is going to Japan, they decide to go with her. Yan invites Fung to join them, but he considers.

Wong and Mei decide to make a videotape to tell Fung the truth, but before Fung has watched it, Yee has already told him that he and Sum are brothers. Fung is angry at his parents for hiding the truth from him and in a spate of anger, decides to go with Yan and the others to Japan. Chung takes opportunity on the way to show his affections towards Yan, but Yan is not moved and this irritates him. On the plane, they meet Yee and Bo and they all decide to go travelling together.

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Episode 7 - Sum and Fung make peace

Yee knows she has caused trouble and apologises to Fung.

Sum makes the long journey to Japan and hands over the cookies of love.

Chung and the others arrive in Japan: Yee and Bo head to visit their brother and girlfriend respectively and Yan goes in search of an uncle. Chung wants to stay with Yan and he follows her and Fung isn't really bothered where he goes. Fung is both shocked and angry at his parents for hiding the truth and calls back to Hong Kong. Sum takes the call and Fung scolds him strongly puzzling Sum. Fung and Yan share their problems and Fung accompanies her to search for the person, when Chung sees this, he is quite put out. Sum finds the video tape that his parents have left for Fung and finds out that they did not manage to tell him the truth themselves, he is very unhappy. Afterwards, Sum receives a call from Yee and learns that he has gone to Japan, she also admits to accidentally letting out the secret about Fung's identity and causing so much aggrevation for the family has made her feel very bad.

Yee invites Fung and the others to her brother's home, Fung accepts and she takes the opportunity to apologise to him, but Fung does not understand. Sum decides to go to Japan to look for Fung and Mei makes some of Fung's favourite cookies for him to take along. Yan goes to the temple to pray that she will find Kam Chak and at this time she meets a friendly Japanese man and the two become friends. Sum arrives and finds Fung, offering him the cookies as an apology, but Fung refuses them and runs away in anger. Yee sees this and comforts Sum, making up her mind to help the brothers make peace.

Fung helps Yan to seek her uncle and finds out that the Japanese man was Kam Chak all along. Yan is nervous and does not want to identify him and is grateful to Fung who helps her to find out the truth. Sum looks all over for Fung and Yee tells him that Fung has entered the forest where Black Bears have been sighted. Sum is worried and rushes into the forest to find him and when Fung finds out, he rushes in to look for Sum. The two brothers finally make up and Sum is grateful to Yee for her help.

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Episode 8 - Shan misunderstands Sum once again

Chi proposes to Shan

Fung: "You owe me twenty years of birthday presents!"

Brothers Fung and Sum are reunited and Yee holds a party to celebrate, Sum recites a poem to help create some atmosphere and Yee is very impressed. Yan visits Kam Chak and finds he is also a pilot, he encourages her to work hard for her ambitions. Sum asks Fung to think carefully about whether he really wants to become a pilot, but Fung is full of confidence. Chi proposes to Shan and as she is considering she receives a text message from Sum and she feels very awkward. Lo tells Shan she should not be so undecided. Chi is jumpy and asks for advice from Lo, but she is unable to assist.

Fung returns to Hong Kong and moans to his parents, asking Wong to return the many years of fatherly love to him, Wong agrees. Sum warns Fung that he must plan for the future carefully, but Fung insists on going down the path of becoming a pilot. Chi tells Sum that he has proposed to Shan and Sum hesitantly offers his good wishes to his friend. Chi finds out accidentally that Shan has prepared an email to Sum asking him to come and meet her, in a moment of urgency, he deletes the mail. Mei is thankful to Sum for bringing Fung back but Sum is worried about whether Fung will successfully qualify to become a responsible pilot.

After Bo's failure to enter the training school, he applies to become a bird shooter at the airport instead. Chung's father refuses to allow him to become a pilot and Chung is very unhappy. Yee urges Fung not to be so biased against Sum and Fung says he has the utmost respect for his brother and wants to get to know him through flying, Yee offers her support for him. Yee and Bo go to visit Sum and his family and leaves a deep impression with Mei and Wong. On Chung's birthday, Yan gives him an origami present and he is very happy. Chi's ex-girlfriend Mimi returns to look for him and meets Sum. Sum tells her that Chi has a new girlfriend and is preparing to get married and asks her to let go. Mimi says that she is having financial difficulties and Sum offers a helping hand, but this is all seen by Shan and Lo.

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Episode 9 - Shan decides to marry Chi

Shan agrees to Chi's proposal of marriage

Lo tells Yee that the doll was originally for Shan

Shan decides that Sum is an unfaithful person and decides to accept Chi's offer of marriage, Chi is so happy he is crazy. Sum often thinks of Shan and dreams about being with her, then he feels guilty. Sum is sent over to Australia to become a trainer for the cadets and Chi takes some holidays to go to Australia with Shan to hold his wedding.

Fung signs up to officially becomes a cadet, but on the way he meets a rather flustered Yee who has found a will belonging to a passenger and she wants to stop him from committing suicide. Fung offers his help and although they rescue the passenger, he is late for the ceremony and without listening to the reason, Sum is very unhappy and Fung does not explain. Yee feels guilty that Fung was late because he wanted to help her and is worried this will affect his career, so she tries her best to explain to Sum and he agrees to give him another chance.

Bo is employed as a bird shooter and Lo mistakes him for being lazy on the first day at work, he is unable to explain. A drunkard causes trouble in the airport and Lo and the others go to assist, in the confusion Bo is injured by Lo and she feels very awkward. Lo sees Yee's doll and tells her that the doll originally belonged to Shan and that it was the mark of love for her parents, so Shan believes that it will bring her true love. When Yee hears this, she thinks that her own selfishness in keeping the doll before caused the misunderstanding between Sum and Shan and led to them not to be together. Bo urges her not to feel guilty and suggests this may just be their destiny, but Yee still feels uncomfortable. Yee arranges for Shan and Sum to meet and lets them both explain to each other, but the two decide to forget about what happened in the past and start anew, telling Yee not to worry about it. Fung and the others set off for Australia and Sum looks very serious, warning them not to go too far.

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Episode 10 - Yee heads to Rome to investigate the truth

Fung must be very brave to impersonate Sum

Fung complains to his father across the oceans

The cadets undergo various levels of training and increase their knowledge of flying as well as their determination to become pilots. Sum is very strict to all the trainees and they all have to work extremely hard. Fung opposes Sum whenever he can and this frustrates Sum, he urges Fung to put more thought into his studies, but Fung pretends not to hear. Tung tells Sum that he should let go of his prejudices and teach the group well. Sum offers special tuition to the female cadet and Yan is very grateful. Yan wants to send a letter back to Hong Kong, but they are short on time and Chung borrows a bike for Fung to cycle out to the city to post the letter. Fung is late back and Sum reprimands him, Yan and Chung offer to be punished as well and the friendship grows between the three of them. Sum reports on the situation in Australia to his parents and Fung adds his comment, telling his father that Sum is always picking on him, Wong and Mei scold Sum and he is left rather aghast.

Yee cannot forget the incident between Sum and Shan and tries to find out the story behind the Triangel. She strongly believes that she has destroyed the destiny between them and she should make up for it. Yee decides to take a trip to Rome and investigate why Sum and Shan split up that day. Yee goes to visit the places that Sum and Shan previously visited and asks about the details of what happened that day, finally she realises that Shan had misunderstood Sum and Sum had misunderstood Shan and the two had split up over a very small matter. She decides to play matchmaker and bring them back together.

Chi and Shan prepare for their wedding in Australia and Chi's parents are overjoyed, but his sister Cheuk Ji is quite hostile towards her future sister-in-law. Chi calls out Sum who is also in Australia and tells him that he will be holding his wedding ceremony in his home. Sum is rather shocked and upset, but still wishes them the best of luck. Sum meets Shan again and feels awkward, he asks her to be love Chi seriously and she becomes very angry as the two depart unhappily.

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Episode 11 - Chi opens up to Shan

Chi takes the chance to tell Shan the truth.

Shan and Sum unwillingly depart.

Chi and Shan hold their marriage ceremony and Sum is inwardly unhappy. At this time, Yee calls from Rome and tells of their misunderstandings making Sum think again. Chi and Shan meet Mimi and Shan tells of how she saw Sum asking to split up with her in Rome and then seeing him send her away with money in Hong Kong, making her believe he is not sincere with his love. Chi is suddenly enlightened and realises all the misunderstandings have stemmed from when he asked Sum to end his relationship with Mimi, he then asks Mimi about the incident where Sum offered to help her on his behalf and this makes him feel extremely guilty.

Chi decides to tell Shan the truth and let her choose her own path. Shan is shocked and goes to seek Sum for him to explain the truth. Sum tells her that if it was not for all the misunderstandings, he would definitely have had a relationship with her and Shan understands. The two do not want to hurt Chi and decide to keep their memories in their hearts, their longing departure is witnessed by Fung. When Shan returns home, Fung is overjoyed.

Fung and the others take time out from their studies to go sightseeing and meet Sum. Fung knows that he has a lot of problems and wants to help comfort him, but Sum refuses the favour. Tung praises Fung's performance as outstanding, telling Sum to help him, but Fung doesn't know if he can. Some of the cadets spread gossip about the relationship between Fung and Sum and Fung resents this, deciding to work even harder and earn his wings through his own skills. Sum offers a card and his own notes and touches Fung who sends a card back in return, but he accidentally notices the file for the examination questions on the computer. Fung is honest and does not look, but Sum is suspicious. Bo is strongly attracted to Lo and offers to be her chauffeur, but the car is dirty and causes an allergic reaction for Lo, who is both angry and frightened. Bo looks after her and accidentally falls over, making Lo feel guilty and she ends up looking after him.

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Episode 12 - Yik Fung gets good results

Lo looks after Bo and their relationship develops. Bo takes advantage of the situation and moves in with Yee into Lo's apartment. Yee misses Fung and Sum who are in Australia and sends her encouragement and good wishes by email. Fung seemss quite lazy and with the exams looming, he is worried about catching up, so he asks Yan and Chung for help. Sum things pooly of his last minute antics. Fung works hard and realises the secret behind studying and becomes confident for the exams, butt he others do not believe that he will work hard.

When the exam results are announced, Fung comes top of his class and the other's can't believe it. Sum remembers that Fung was in his room before the exams and suspects that he may have looked at the exam questions. Sum asks Fung abou this, annoying him greatly. Sum advises the examining board and pushes to make Fung resit the exam. Fung proves himself by gaining full marks in the resit and he throws bad remarks at Sum, but Sum stands by his belief of fairness and the two stand their ground. Sum funds the thank you card in the notes that Fung returned to him and realises that he has misunderstood Fung, who also realises his mistakes and the two brothers once again make peace.

Sum returned to Hong Kong to continue his work and Mei tells him that she has found a job at the airline. Chi returns from his honeymoon and invites Sum to dinner at his new home. Sum refuses, but Chi insists and as he enters Chi and Shan's home, he feels very uncomfortable. Chi meets Mimi who asks him to thank Sum. Shan and Lo have lunch together, but in fact she is avoiding Sum. Yee takes the opportunity and asks him to join them. When Sum sees Shan, they both feel very awkward but Yee is there to break the ice and Chi suggests to Sum that he should consider her, making Yee very happy, but Sum makes it clear that he only sees her as his little sister.

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Episode 13 - Sum punishes Fung by not letting him fly

As they all undergo training in Australia, the cadets develope a greater interest in planes, but Chung is only interested in wooing Yan and his studies are slipping. Yan puts too much pressure on herself and her results are affected by this. Sum returns to Australia and brings some gifts from home, making the cadets very happy. Chung's father goes to Australia for a business meeting, and Chung is excited about seeing his father, however he just receives a message from his father telling him to leave the academy and follow him into business. Chung is disappointed. Wang tells Chung to consider his future and not just become a pilot because of Yan, but Chung insists he wants to be a pilot together with Yan and she overhears their conversation.

Sum teaches them stunt flying and in the excitement, Fung flies dangerously. Sum reprimands him for overlooking everyone's safety, banning him from flying for two weeks as punishment. Fung resents this and the two begin arguing again. Yan tells Chung not to waste time on her, but Chung explains that hehas changed from hating flying to loving it and he hopes to become a pilot together with her.

Everyone's flying skills improve greatly, except Fung who cannot take part because of his punishment. He is very unhappy and everyone tries to persuade him to apologise to Sum. Tung feels that Sum has been too harsh on Fung and should give him a chance. The brothers make up again and go to visit Chi's home, where Chi's father gives them the tape of Chi and Shan's fairy tale wedding day to take back to them in Hong Kong. When he watches the tape, Sum feels very sour.

The flying exam draws near and Yan is very nervous. She emails Chak who sends her a lucky charm, Yan is touched. Yan usually takes anti-sickness pills when she flies, but Fung replaces her tablets with vitamin pills so that she does not have to depend on drugs. Yan is very grateful for his help. After much hard work, they all pass the exams with flying colours and Sum holds a party for them.

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Episode 14 - Fung, Yan and Chung meet an aviation disaster

At the celebration party, Sum follows the tradition and pushes everyone into the pool because they are having a happy evening. Yee misses Sum and when she receives Fung's email, she is disappointed because there is no news on Sum and becomes the brunt of Bo's jokes. A mentally-afflicted person arrives at the airport and Yee observes him offering her assistance. Shan and Yee assist a pregnant woman giving birth at the airport and the lady is grateful to them, choosing to name the baby girl Yee Shan, making them very honoured. Yee emails a picture of the baby to Fung who is happy for them, but Sum sees Shan in the picture and becomes agitated.

The cadets undergo even more rigorous training and make many mistakes through their lack of experience, Sum orders them all to improve. Sum splits them up into groups for flying practice and Fung, Yan and Chung are placed together in a group. Fung refuses, wanting to fly alone, but is met with a scolding from Sum who points out that with his impatience, Yan's reservations and Chung's indecision, they will each mke up for the others' shortcomings. The three work together to design a flight plan. Fung opts for more an aggressive technique and when Sum finds out, he is worried, but Tung says that he should believe in Fung. When Sum sees that they have a good plan and are well prepared, he is comforted.

On the day of the flight, the weather turns bad and Yan and Chung are worried. Fung decides to face what comes and Sum seems calm, but is observing them closely. Fung decides to fly and Chung and Yan agree, so the three begin their first flight. On take-off, the weather worsens rapidly and there is a malfunction on the craft, but luckily, the three keep their calm and overcome the difficulty. Sum and the other tutors praise them. They all complete their training and return to Hong Kong. At their graduation ceremony, they are all happy, but Chung's father is absent due to his business and Chung is very disappointed.

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Episode 15 - Yee takes the lead in pursuing Sum

Sum goes to visit Shan and Chi and returns the book of fairy tales to Shan, making her very happy. Shan and yee go to visit the new baby and the two feel they would like to adopt each other as sisters. Chi's car is stolen and the book is also stolen, Chi becomes nervous and goes looking for it, but to no avail and Shan is disappointed, but when she sees Chi so upset, she feels he is very sweet. Chi decorates Shan's room with pictures from the book and Shan is pleasantly surprised.

Fung and Yan fly for the first time together with Sum to Japan and Chun joins them as a passenger, becoming the brunt of Fung's joke. Chung and Fung both give Yan a present to congratulate her on the flight and she carefully looks after Fung's music box, but loses the crystal from Chung. Fung tries to persuade Sum into finding a partner and tries to find him a date, making Sum quite amused, but he uses his spare time to try and find Shan's lost book of stories. Chung accompanies Yan to visit Kam Chak and he encourages her to keep working hard. Yan invites him to Hong Kong and tries to arrange a meeting with her mother. Sum and Fung return to Hong Kong and Fung gives a souvenir to Yee, but she rejects his offer. Afterwards a strange person appears to hassle Yee, but Sum steps in to help her out, saying he is her boyfriend and sending the man away. Yee is moved by the gesture and Bo encourages her to take the lead in pursuing Sum.

The new pilots enjoy their first flights and the most eventful is Chung's because he is flying to Arabia. Sum's parents invite Yee to their home to try out their food and she hears about Sum and Chung's romantic encounters in Japan, to which she questions about what went on, Fung understands. The next day, Yee finds out that a woman has invited Sum on a date and she follows him, later finding out that he is meeting an old woman. When she goes to ask him, it turns out that she is the wife of Fung's tutor and she is very embarrassed.

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Episode 16 - Shan and Chi fly together

Yee takes an opportunity to go into Sum's room to look at his things and try to understand him more. Wong sees this and tells Sum that he should pay attention to the good girls around him, however Sum cannot forget about Shan and tells Wong not to interfere. Sum sees the room that Chi has decorated for Shan and feels that he should not disturb them, so he decides to wipe away his intentions. Shan applies to become a cabin attendant in the hope she can fly with Chi and is willing to undergo training from the beginning, when Chi finds out, he is very touched and kisses her as Sum looks on with great envy.

The strange man hassles Yee again on several occasions and Sum protects her, as the situation grows more serious, they report it to the police and Lo scolds Yee. Yee feels bad for bringing trouble onto Sum, but he is worried for her safety. Afterwards, the strange man then kidnaps Yee and calls Sum, he arrives on the scene to rescue her and is injured by the strange man. Luckily the police arrive on time and the two are safely released. Although Yee is very frightened, she feels sorry for the strange man and Sum realises her kind heart as she is grateful to him for rescuing her.

Fung senses that Yee has feelings for his big brother and tells her to take the lead as well as mentioning to her that Sum will be flying out to Japan and she should take advantage of this. Yee flies out to Japan to look for Sum and dressed maturely, she startles Sum as she asks him for a date. Yee tells Sum about her feelings for him, but Sum tells her he only sees her as a little sister. Yee is disappointed but is determined and tells Sum a story about Chocolate in Japan. In the story, the male and female lead do not care about the world's prejudices about age and still love each other, hinting to Sum that he should not let their age difference get in the way of their relationship, but Sum still refuses. Afterwards, Sum finds out that it was Yee's birthday and decides to give her some chocolate instead of a birthday card, as well as take her touring promising her that he would buy her chocolate from every place he goes to.

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Episode 17 - Shan brings together Sum and Yee

Chi's sister Cheuk Ji returns to Hong Kong from Australia and looks around, but she has a lot of criticisms of Shan and makes life difficult for her. Chi urges Shan to put up with it, but the two women start arguing and Shan runs away, calling Yee out for a chat. Yee meets Sum, but Sum tries to evade her as Chi mocks him.

Chi apologises to Shan and tells her that Ji will soon be applying to become a cabin attendant and will be living with him. Shan is troubled at the thought of having to train and live with Ji. During training, Shan and Ji are at odds and Ji tries to create problems for Shan, who tries to put up with it, but her own performance suffers and she is very unhappy with Ji, offloading her problems onto Lo and Yee. Shan knows that Yee likes Sum and encourages her to tell him straight, giving her a fate doll in support.

Sum and Cho go to Australia and Sum is in two minds about whether to buy chocolate for Yee, worried that she will misunderstand. Chi urges him to let go of his reservations and start a new love affair. On their way back to Hong Kong, the captain has a heart attack and the weather turns bad. Sum takes charge as captain and has an argument with Chi about the landing. Sum refutes Chi's suggestions and finally lands the plane, proving he was right. Sum's performance is praised and the case becomes one that is used in educating other pilots. Gaining the admiration of the other pilots, Sum tries to share it with Chi, but Chi is not interested.

Shan brings together Sum and Yee, arranging a double date, but Chi feels that his wife is overly caring towards Sum and neglecting himself. He is not happy and complains to Shan, adding to their disagreements. Sum hides away from Yee, believing that their ages and interests are too different, but Yee does not give up and during a hike, Yee accidentally falls, losing the feeling in her legs as Sum is very afraid.

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Episode 18 - Chi and Sum fall out

Yee is taken to hospital and Sum is worried and regretful. The doctor confirms that her old condition has returned where a blood clot is crushing a nerve and an emergency operation is required. Yee is worried that she will not be able to see Sum after her operation, but he promises her that he will wait for her to wake up and puts her mind at rest. The operation is successful and Sum stays by Yee's side looking after her as everyone is happy for them.

Shan and Chi are at odds and Chi tries to mediate, but Ji's prejudices against Shan are too deep and refuses Chi's requests. Shan and Ji are on work experience and Ji deliberately slows Shan's progress and gets her into trouble. However she still looks out for Ji and changes her opinion. Sum knows that Ji does not get on with Shan and tries to talk to Ji and find out what is on her mind. Shan believes that Chi is not understanding of her and talks about her problems with Sum, Sum then tells her that Chi once promised Ji that he would take her to a laser show on her graduation day, but he had forgotten his promise on that day because of Shan and this is why she holds a grudge against Shan. Shan finally understands.

Shan tells Chi that Ji's prejudices stem from him and he understands where he has done wrong, but he is angry at Sum for not telling him directly and going to talk to Shan and Ji in private. Chi scolds Sum for interfering with his family problems and Sum finds it hard to do the right thing as he realises that Chi is holding something against him. He apologises and Shan sees what is happening as she passes by.

Sum goes to visit Yee and she is overjoyed, taking the chance to hug him, but Sum is still quite reserved. Shan asks Chi why he is suspicious of Sum and whether it was because of their previous love affair that is affecting their friendship. Chi silently admits this and Shan is very disappointed. Chi apologises to Ji and tells her not to be angry against Shan. Chi tells Sum that he has always seen him as a strong competitor and is worried that he will take Shan away, so that was why he made the wrong conclusion. The two friends make up.

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Episode 19 - Sum orders Fung not to fly

Fung and Sum are due to fly to America and Fung asks for the secrets of flying to LA. Sum sees that Fung's concentration is lacking and tells him to rest early. The following day before take off, Sum finds that Fung is unwell and orders him not to fly. Fung feels that he is overreacting, but everyone seems to support Sum's decision. Fung is unhappy and Chi notices this. He tries to teach Fung the reasons behind Sum's decision for putting safety first. Afterwards, he takes Fung to see Yee who is dealing with a plane full of sick passengers and Fung realises what impact this can have. He finally understands his brother's reasoning.

Yan moves into Lo's apartment and lives with Yee and Bo. Chung has an idea and buys a neighbouring apartment, so that he can be near to Yan. Ho, Wang and Fung all move in.

Ji and Shan make up and the two join forces to deal with Chi, making him rather helpless. Ji also develops a crush on Sum, but he finds her hard to handle. The company decides to select a captain out of Sum and Chi and the two are hopeful of becoming the first Chinese captain in the company as they prepare for the interview. Sum tells Fung that he will try and face it with no expectations and even if Chi gets the position, then he will be happy for his friend. Yee shows her support forhim and he is very touched. Chi is lacking in confidence, but Shan supports him.

Ji invites Sum out on a date and he is troubled, asking Shan for help on how to turn her down. Shan tries, but fails. When Chi finds out about Ji's affections, he tells Shan not to interfere and let it run its course, Shan doesn't understand.

Fung and Sum are flying together when a passenger loses his mind and attacks an attendant. In a chaotic moment, Fung opens the cockpit door and the crazed man runs in attacking the captain. The injured captain cannot continue flying and passes command over to Sum with Fung's assistance. In a moment of danger, Sum is very nervous.

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Episode 20 - Shan and Sum return to the old places

Sum contacts the airport that there is an incident on board and requests emergency standby. Fung is extremely frightened, but Sum helps him to concentrate as the brothers safely land the plane and everyone breathes a sigh of relief. Sum's performance is outstanding and the company, airport authority and the press praise him greatly. Yee is happy for Sum and later he gives her a chocolate, making her overjoyed.

As Fung's misjudgement led to the incident, he is suspended from flying duties and sent for counselling. Full of regret, Fung questions his suitability to continue being a pilot. Sum encourages him, telling him not to give up his career over a small error, but Fung is deeply affected and does not keep his appointments with the counsellor. Sum is promoted to captain and everyone celebrates for him, Yee is the happiest and she arranges a party for him. During the party, the spirits are high, but Fung is full of troubles and Yan notices this, offering her comforts and moving Fung. Chi's promotion hopes are dashed and gets drunk with disappointment, ruining the party and upsetting everyone.

Shan comforts Chi and he realises his skills are not as high as Sum and promises her that he will keep working hard towards his ambitions. chi apologises to Sum, who encourages him and then asks him for advice on how to fend off Ji. Chi suggests that he should use his talents to send her away. Chi arranges for Ji to meet with Sum and teaches Sum to talk to her about the mechanics of planes and flight theory. He succeeds in boring Ji into running away.

Shan, Ji and Sum all fly together to Rome and Chi is rostered to fly to Australia. Ji tells Chi she will help him keep an eye on Shan and Sum and he takes it with a smile. As soon as Ji reaches Rome, she leaves Shan alone and goes to a concert, so Shan finds company in Sum and the two return to the old places as the sweet memories come flooding back.

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Episode 21 - Sum's eyesight is damaged

Shan and Sum remember the old times, but feel rather awkward. As they leave, Sum helps Shan out of the way and is inadvertently struck on the head. Shan and ji return to Hong Kong and Chi has everything arranged for their return. Shan thanks him for everything he has done for him and professes her love to him. Fung tells everyone that he has decided to resign and shocks them all. Sum is promoted to become the first Chinese captain and becomes the focus of the press, but he requests a low profile as he wishes to concentrate on his flying career. Yee tells Sum a story about a rainbow and asks if he has ever seen the end of the rainbow, but Sum can only give a scientific explanation for it. Chi tells Sum that his own rainbow is Shan and this inspires Sum. Sum misses Yee and buys her a chocolate on his next trip. On the way back, he suddenly finds his vision is blurring slightly, but he manages to land the plane. Sum feels something is not right.

Sum goes for a check up at the hospital and finds that the accident in Rome has led to a blood clot in his brain that is not life-threatening, but will affect his flying career, Sum is heartbroken. Fung tells his family that he has decided to resign and his parents feel it is a shame, but support his decision. Sum feels disappointed that his own career has been ended unwillingly and yet Fung chooses to end his own career.

Sum tells Shan about his condition and she is very upset as she seeks comfort in Chi. Fung also finds out about Sum and believes that he will give up his career for the sake of the passengers, but Sum still heads out to fly as normal. Chi looks for Sum, but cannot find him as Sum meets Yee for a chat. She wakens him with her words about how a pilot's first duty is to the safety of his passengers and he makes his final decision. Fung finds Sum and tries to persuade him not to fly. Sum says he has made up his mind and is going to see Hin, but when he walks into the office, he is met by Chi who has already reported his condition to the company and Sum is reprimanded.

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Episode 22 - Sum accepts Yee's love

Sum is suspended by the company and Fung feels bad for him but is comforted back by Sum. Wong and the others all have their opinions over whether Sum should have an operation and he decides to go on a holiday to let things blow over and decide his future. Shan believes that Chi did not consider Sum's feelings and has betrayed him, but Lo urges her to consider Chi's position as finally she forgives him.

Sum goes on holiday to Rome and Yee follows him there. Sum tells her that she should stop wasting time on him, but Yee uses her own heart condition as a story and inspires Sum by telling him how she managed to live each day happily despite the doctor telling her that her life is constantly in danger. Sum is grateful to her and finally accepts her affections. Shan regrets Sum's suspension and also goes to Rome to apologise to Sum, but when she sees him holding hands with Yee, she is happy for them both. Sum returns to Hong Kong and Fung tells his parents that Sum is dating Yee, Wong and Mei are very happy. Chi apologises to Sum and Sum accepts the apology before thanking Chi for reminding him about his duty as a pilot. Shan meets Mimi and Mimi tells her that Chi already knows about her misunderstanding with Sum and also gave her a chance to choose the one she really loves. Shan feels the love that Chi has shown her and starts afresh with him.

Sum resigns from the company, but Hin asks him to stay, offering him a job in Customer Relations. Sum agrees. Fung feels that he should not give up an opportunity that his brother was forced to miss and decides to continue flying, but he lacks confidence. Sum offers his support. Sum cannot get used to his new role, but Yee eggs him on. Chung finally has the chance to fly with Yan and is very excited. On the way to the plane, he meets his father who is one of his passengers and he antagonises Chung, instructing him to return to the family business. Yan speaks out for Chung and and is also scolded by Cheung, who pledges to cut off Chung's expenses.

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Episode 23 - Yan finds out about her identity

Passenger Mrs Lung is a frequent visitor to the Customer Relations department and everyone tries to evade her as even Sum is not immune to her complaints and everyone is fed up. Mrs Lung criticises Shan on the plane and she is very embarrassed, but luckily Ting comes to her aid. Mrs Lung immediately heads off to complain about the standard of the aeroplane food and Sum is responsible for following this up with Wong, but he is met with resistance from his father and left without a plan.

Sum and Shan share their experiences with Mrs Lung, but they do not despise her as they both feel that her comments will only help the company to improve and they should address her concerns. Yee encourages Sum and they meet Mrs Lung in the park and find that she is just an overenthusiastic passenger. Mrs Lung likes Yee and praises Sum for being a lucky man, making Yee very happy.

Bo finds that he has fallen in love with Lo and shows his affections for her, but she rejects him immediately and he is disappointed. The new pilots continue their training and are very busy. Fung gives Yan lifts and they develop a very unusual connection. Kam Chak sends Yan an email and tells her that he will be visiting Hong Kong to see her. Yan thinks that her family will be reunited and is very excited. Suddenly, Fung apologises to her and tells her that he lied to her in Japan because he didn't want her to be even more unhappy by saying that she was Kam Chak's daughter. Yan is devastated and feels sorely towards Fung. He apologises to her again and she finally understands his intentions and forgives him. Kam Chak arrives in Hong Kong and Yan goes to meet him. Ting also arrives and they explain to Yan about the whereabouts of her father. It turns out that Kam Chak is a good friend of her father who has died and when she was younger, he helped to look after her. Lo returns home drunk one night and when Bo sees her,he takes care of her. In her drunkenness, she reveals her innermost feelings to him and feeling sorry for her, the two become lost in their feelings and spend the night together.

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Episode 24 - Ho and Chung fall out

Yee finds out about Bo and Lo's affair and is happy for them. Lo is embarrassed and instructs Bo to keep it a secret and tells him to think nothing of it. Sum is not used to his new job, but is thankful for the encouragement of Yee. Lo is biased against Bo at work, but he takes it all without a word. One day, a mistake by Bo's colleague Tin leads to a group of tourists missing their plane and Bo takes the blame and is reprimanded by Lo, who hurts his ego by instructing him to leave. Yee explains the situation to Lo and she forgives Bo.

Ho's mother is a cleaner at Solar, but she receives complaints about her work. Sum goes to investigate and Ho's mother says she understands her son does not want her to be a cleaner and is always sending in complaints. Sum is very angry and scolds Ho for being ungrateful, not giving him a chance to explain. Fung later explains to Sum the reason why Ho wants his mother to give up is down to her poor health and he feels really bad about it already. Sum understands the intentions of Ho and arranges a meeting between Ho and his mother to talk about the situation. Later Ho's father is sacked by Chung's father and Chung goes to argue the matter with his father, resulting in the two falling out. Ho thinks that Chung is unwilling to help and teh two friends fall out. As Fung and the others all stand by Ho, Chung is troubled.

Kam Chan becomes the new training manager and the new pilots' instructor. His strict manner is no less than Sum and they all prepare for more hard work. Yan develops feelings towards Fung and secretly draws a picture of them both together and folding them into paper aeroplanes. One of these is found by Wang who tells Ho and the two puzzle over whether they should tell Fung, but they do not want to hurt Chung. Ho's father explains to Ho that the reason for his sacking was down to his own laziness and tells him not to become enemies with Chung. Ho realises he is mistaken Chung.

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Episode 25 - Chung wins the affections of Yan

The new pilots head to Australia again for further training and Chung prepares a set of lovers' bangles for Yan, but she is too obsessed with Fung's music box. When Fung sees this, he is moved. Ho and Wang intentionally create opportunities for Yan and Chung and Chung gets drunk to show Yan his feelings, then he tries to kiss her and she pushes him away angrily. During the training on the Jets, Chung asks Yan out to the beach to meet him, but Yan evades him. At the same time, Fung is evading Yan. She realises that there are feeling growing between them, but he does not want to hurt Chung and she feels very awkward. Yan decides to tell Chung how she feels and on the way, she meets Fung who gives her a ride on his bicycle and the two each have their own troubles. Whilst waiting for Yan, Chung is accidentally knocked over by a car, but he daren't leave the beach for treatment until he has seen Yan.

Yan arrives at the beach and sees the injured Chung. She is touched by his persistance and takes him to the hospital for treatment. Chung is not badly injured but realises his bangles have been left at the beach. Yan and Fung go to look for them and see the stone collage that Chung has made on the beach, realising his true feelings. Fung decides to let go and Yan is further moved by the message in the stones, deciding to accept Chung's affections. Yan wears the bangle and Chung is overjoyed. Ho is happy for them, but Fung is silent.

Chi and Shan's relationship is good and often have fresh ideas for dates. Yee is envious and Chi suggests that the four of them should go camping, making Yee very excited. On the day of the trip, Yee has a fever, but she doesn't want to miss out and forces herself to keep going. Sum finds out she is unwell and looks after her even more. Yee tells Sum that she wants to watch the sunrise, so he carries her out to watch it making her very emotional as their love grows stronger.

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Episode 26 - Lo and Bo start a secret relationship

Pop star Eason is off on a trip and is surrounded by a group of fans, he accidentally draws on Sum's car and Sum is very angry. Yee is a big fan of Eason's and is excited about helping him out at the airport.He suggests she goes to his autographing event, but she has to work and cannot go, so she asks Sum to get it for her instead. When Sum arrives at the event, he feels embarrassed about joining the queue with the young fans and he buys Yee a novel instead. When Yee sees her present, she is rather disappointed.

Chi explains to Sum about how Yee feels and he tries to get an autograph of Eason. When Yee sees this, she is very moved and rewards him with a big kiss. Chi wants to become a father and puts pressure on Shan, who vents her frustrations to Lo. Bo overhears part of the conversation and thinks that Lo is pregnant. Rather shocked and excited, Bo looks after Lo even more and a little confused, she still accepts his gifts.

Chi sees that Shan is doing pregnancy tests in secret and is concerned. Bo thinks he is soon to be a father and works hard to earn money, asking Yee to go and invest his money for him. When Yee tells Lo that Bo thinks she is pregnant and is preparing to marry her, she is dumbstruck. Lo plays a trick on Bo before telling him she is not pregnant. Bo is disappointed, but is still totally devoted to Lo who is very touched by his sincerity and accepts him, but indicates she wants to keep their relationship secret. An overjoyed Bo agrees.

Shan doesn't know if she will be a good mother and goes to ask advice from baby Shan Yee's mother, who says that she should open her mind and accept the new life, inspiring Shan. Chi is suspicious over Shan's behaviour and Ji explains that for a women, the prospect of becoming a mother can be a huge burden. Chi understands.

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Episode 27 - Sum and Yee's relationship is dubbed 'Mid-life lust'

Chi accompanies Shan for a pregnancy test and they find that she is not pregnant and they are disappointed. Lo and Bo's relationship blossoms, but they try to hide it, making it seem illicit. Wang's family are very proud of his achievements and his mother Lai Bik arranges a family holiday flying out on his plane. This puts a lot of pressure on him and he fails a flying examination. Fung and the others decide to give him support by arranging a flight on a light aircraft, but Chung is called away by Yan and this angers Fung who accuses Chung of putting his love before his friends. Yan explains to Fung that Chung was with her because her mother Ting was in hospital and Fung forgives Chung. Fung and Chung arrange a meeting with Bik and explains to her that Wang is feeling pressure from her demands. Bik understands and has a talk with her son.

Yee is troubled because she feels she often misunderstands the intentions of Sum, but Fung comforts her. Wang's cousin mistakes Sum as Fung's father and laughs at his relationship with Yee. Sum is embarrassed and assesses himself as to whether he is overly mature. Chi and Shan invite Yee and Sum to Ocean Park on a trip and under the arrangement of Fung, Sum appears in a set of modern clothing. Yee on the other hand appears in more mature clothing and the two are as amusing as each other and bring some laughs to Chi and Shan. Sum and Yee are touched by each other's willingness to compromise and their relationship leaps forward another step.

Bo tells Yee to ask Sum on a foreign trip, but Sum's reaction is cold. Yee daren't force him and Fung steps in telling Sum that he should try and make Yee happy, Sum says he will consider it. Shan witnesses an accident and goes forward to assist. During the accident, she is cut by the glass and she later finds out that the person she helped is an AIDS carrier.

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Episode 28 - Shan pulls away from Chi

Shan is worried that she has caught the AIDS virus and calls Sum who tries to comfort her and persuade her to tell Chi. Shan finds it hard to tell Chi the truth and evades him, leaving him rather confused. Sum is worried about Shan and accompanies her to the hospital for checks, turning Yee's trip down and leaving her disappointed. Chung and Yan continue dating and Fung feels sour, deciding to move out. Wang and Ho realise he is leaving because of Yan and their conversation is overheard by Chung. Chung takes Yan home to meet his father, but he dislikes her and Chung is angry with his father.

Chi is promoted to Captain and everyone celebrates with him, but Shan seems distant because she is worried about her condition. Sum urges her to come clean with Chi, but she refuses because she does not want to dampen the atmosphere. Chi feels that Shan is troubled and asks her what is the matter, but she evades the question and Chi is upset. Chi finds that Shan is taking medication and takes down the name of the drug to find out from a pharmacist friend what it is. When he finds that it is an anti-AIDS drug, he is shocked.

Sum takes Shan to the hopsital for the results of the tests and when they find that Shan is clear of the infection, Shan is so happy she hugs Sum. When Chi sees this, he leaves angrily. Shan returns home and explains to Chi that the reason she was evading him was because she was worried about her condition and asks for his understanding. Chi asks why she kept it from him but shared her problem with Sum and whether she still has feelings for him. Shan is speechless. Chi is troubled and calls Mimi to talk. She says that he needs to make her choose or just let go himself, Chi doesn't know what to do. At this time, Shan is thinking about Sum more than Chi and is very confused.

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Episode 29 - Chi wants to split up with Shan

Shan and Chi have nothing to say to each other and they both know their feelings have changed. Fung pushes Sum to take a holiday and go away with Yee, but he says he is busy with work and unable to go, Yee is disappointed. Fung finds that Sum has actually arranged everything in secret for a surprise for Yee and Sum instructs him not to tell her, but Fung lets slip and tells her.

Shan is troubled about her emotions and talks to Lo, who tells her she should not be so indecisive and be faithful to Chi because Sum already has a girlfriend Yee and they are planning to go on holiday. Ji is upset at the problems between her brother and sister-in-law and tries to be their peacemaker, but ends up being scolded by Chi. She seeks help from Sum, who realises the problems between his friends. Shan calls out Sum and tells him she is still thinking about him and regrets marrying Chi, Sum is shocked to hear this. Yee finds Sum and drops hints about their holiday, but Sum is troubled by Shan's words and lies to her saying he has no intentions of going on holiday. Yee knows he is lying and is very hurt.

Chi wants to ask the details about Shan and Sum's relationship and Sum has this intention as well, but then Chi finds the picture book that Sum has bought for Shan and takes back the words he wants to say. Chi asks Shan how she will choose between them and Shan says she does not know. Chi is very disappointed and as the company is sending him on a long haul trip, he takes the chance to go away for a while to think about the future. Sum is chosen as an 'outstanding youth' and during the filming of a congratulatory clip, Chi says that he offers his total congratulations and adds he will offer him everything he has, because their friendship is more important than anything else. Chi suggests to Shan that they separate, but Shan argues that he returned her bracelet to her and this shows they are destined to be together. Chi tells her that it was Sum who found her bracelet and her destiny is to be with Sum and she should go and find him.

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Episode 30 - Yee loses all faith in Sum

As captain, Chi arrives early at the airport to prepare everything for the flight to Rome. Chung, who is travelling with him asks him for his thoughts. Shan comes to see him off and she doesn't want him to leave, but Chi comforts her and continues on his way in a relaxed mood. Shan cries as she sees him walking off to the gate and is spotted by Sum who is passing by. He offers his attention and doesn't see Yee who is watching and heartbroken. As they all eat together, they discuss the breakdown of Chi and Shan's relationship, possibly because of a third party. When Yee hears this, her expression changes, Fung notices and asks her what is wrong, but she does not respond, indicating she will find out from Sum what is happening. Yee finds her courage to ask Sum whether he still has feelings for Shan and he tries to evade her question. Yee understands and decides to let go of him.

Sum calls Chi and asks him to come back and discuss the situation, but Chi does not receive the message left by Sum. On the streets of Rome, Chi considers his marriage and his life. Seeing a girl drop her bracelet that is then returned by a man, he is enlightened and decides to call Shan, but she does not get the call because she has been called out by Sum for a chat. Afterwards, Chi seems to have thought through his relationship with Shan and excitedly goes for a walk in the streets...

Yee talks about her relationship problems with Lo and Bo and Lo tells her to try and understand Sum's position and give him space to come to terms with his past pains. Yee takes her point, but finds it hard to accept his sudden coldness. At Sum's award ceremony, all his friends show their feelings towards him through the video clips and Chi's clip is aired, praising Sum's attitudes to life and work and his admirable personality that gives him a great pride to be his friend.

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Episode 31 - Yan is met with Sexual Discrimination

The death of Chi leaves everyone devastated and Shan arranges for his final wish to have his ashes scattered from an aeroplane. Ji does not want to stay in the place of sadness and accompanies her parents back to Australia for a fresh start. Shan wants to head back with them to take her mind off things, Sum agrees. Yee sees that Sum is very upset and urges him to relax a little. Sum says he does not know how to face her and Shan, but he will give her a final resolution. Yee is worried he will want to split up with her and tells him to think through carefully before he decides.

Fung sees the relationship between Chung and Yan is blooming and is troubled. He suggests to Kam Chak that he no longer wants to be in the same group as Yan for training and when Yan and Chung find out, they tell him that they do not want their relationship to affect their friendship. Yan meets with sexual discrimination from a passenger and is unhappy about this, but she comforts herself saying that she must work hard to break through these prejudices. Chung tells Yan to resign and be his wife, but Fung supports her desire to keep working hard and she feels that Fung understands her more.

Wong and Mei employ a new secretary, who is Wong's ex-girlfriend Natalie and he does not say anything. Yee misses Sum, but daren't call him out and Bo suggests she tries getting in through Mei. Yee has lunch with Mei, who asks Sum along and Yee is very happy. The three have lunch together and Sum spots Wong with Natalie, he urges his father to be careful, but Wong ignores him, leaving him rather frustrated.

Sum feels he is neglecting Yee and invites her out for dinner. She is very happy and dresses for the occasion despite feeling unwell and against the wishes of Bo, who warns her to be careful. During the date, Sum apologises to her profusedly, but she feels very unwell and leaves. Sum is curious but doesn't know that Yee has fainted outside the restaurant.

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Episode 32 - Yee's illness returns

Bo arrives just in time and takes Yee to hospital, where the doctors confirm that she has an infection and urge her to be more careful with her health to avoid sparking off her old condition. Bo tells her that she should be open about her illness with Sum, but she refuses. Lo knows that Yee's condition is quite serious and asks Bo for the details, but he has promised Yee to keep it a secret and will not even tell Lo.

Shan returns to Hong Kong from Australia and arranges to meet everyone. She is in good spirits and sayss he will return to work soon. All are pleased for her, but when Shan remembers her date with Chi in that restaurant, her expression changes. Yee realises she is still very upset and tries to comfort her, encouraging Sum to spend more time with Shan. Shan returns to work and is groped by a passenger several times, she cannot stand it and has an argument with the passenger. Chung finds the receipt of the flowers that Chi ordered for Shan and gives it back to her, when she sees that Chi was thinking of her all the time, she is very touched.

Shan returns to Hong Kong where she receives a complaint from the passenger and Sum who is investigating urges her to try and let herself relax. Shan realises that Sum cares for her and naturally grabs his hand, but the two feel awkward. Shan talks to Lo about her troubles and whether she should go back to Sum, but she is afraid of hurting Yee. Lo tells her to think it through carefully.

The return of Yee's heart condition is confirmed and she is in a bad mood. At this time, Sum tells her the good news that his sight condition has improved and he will soon be able to fly again. Yee is happy for him, but feels sorry for herself. Famous pianist Wang Cho Pui volunteers to put on a performance at the airport and Yee doesn't understand why. Pui explains that it is all about enjoying the process of performing and this inspires Yee. Wong and Natalie's affair is found out by Mei who is furious and moves out of their home. Sum and Fung cannot stand the actions of their father and support their mother.

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Episode 33 - Sum and Yee go on holiday to Rome

Mei loses all feelings towards Wong and her sons support her in disapproving of their father. Shan finds her feelings towards Sum very complicated and calls him out to clear the air. Sum has this intention too and the two decide to let bygones be bygones to avoid hurting Yee. Yee holds a celebration for Sum's recovery and he is very touched by this and promising her that he will look after her well, she is overjoyed. Mei decides to return to Rome and her sons do not want her to leave, but support her decision. Sum urges Wong to go and bring Mei back, but he responds apathetically, annoying Sum.

Chi's parents ask Shan to look for Chi's insurance policy and whilst searching through his things, she finds a video tape of their happy times together and bursts into tears. Sum tries to make Yee happy by dropping his serious facade and going to barbecue with her, but then he receives a call from Shan and sensing her unhappiness, they change their plan and head to her house to make sure she is okay. The three watch the tapes together and Shan and Sum relive the memories as their feelings are sent into disarray.

Chung and Yan continue dating and Ho and Wang joke about them, whilst Fung continues to feel uncomfortable. Chung excels at his work and receives praise, enforcing his ambition to become a pilot. Yee sees Sum is still unhappy about Chi's death and wants to go away with him to cheer him up. Bo teaches her to use visiting Mei as an excuse to invite Sum on a trip to Rome. Sum agrees to this suggestion and Yee is pleased, however, Sum suggests that she should go alone and he will wait for her to return with Mei and she is disappointed again. In truth, Sum has arranged to travel with Yee in secret and give her a surprise. The two visit Mei in Rome and have a romantic holiday, but Mei refuses to return to Hong Kong.

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Episode 34 - Yee wants to split from Sum

In Rome, Yee buys a set of lovers rings for her and Sum, but she faints in the street. Whilst unconscious, Yee dreams that she has already died and Sum is devastated. When she wakes, she is desperately looking for Sum and when he sees her change in expression, he asks her what is wrong, but she still will not tell him. On the return trip, the two meet with a couple, Ding Dong and Dai Hung. Dai Hung wants to propose to Ding Dong, so Yee gives him her lovers rings.

Yee's condition worsens and she does not want Sum to worry about her, so she refuses to go into hospital for treatment. Yee finds the picture book that Sum bought for Shan and takes it home to look at it. When she finds out that the book was for Shan, she is unhappy. Sum gives the book to Shan and Yee thinks he still has feelings for her. Yee tells Bo her problems and says she believes that Sum and Shan are destined to be lovers and with her condition, she should pull out. Wong is taken to hospital with illness and Sum and Fung go to visit him, where they find out he is impotent. Afraid to tell his wife and children, he intentionally drove Mei away. Realising the reasons behind his father's actions, Sum informs his mother and brings her back to Hong Kong. Mei admits that her feelings towards her husband have never changed and the couple make up as they agree to spend the rest of their days together.

Sum is allowed to fly again and celebrates with Yee, but she tells him that they should split up, leaving Sum very confused. Yee also sends the Triangel back to Shan. Lo tells Shan about the split between Sum and Yee and she is very confused. Sum flies once again to Rome and Shan is on the same flight. A passenger on the plane smokes and causes a fire in the toilet of the plane. For safety reasons, Sum decides to turn back the plane. The passengers on the plane are very frightened and panic ensues as the cabin crew cannot hold back the fears and Sum does not know what he can do. At this point, Shan stands up to assure the people that she has total faith in Sum and the other pilots and with the passengers under control, the plane lands safely.

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Episode 35 - Sum and Shan forget the past

Sum and Shan return to the old places and in the romantic atmosphere, they share a kiss. However, when they kiss, the images in their minds are of Chi and Yee making them realise that the past is just the past and they have each found their true love and share only friendship.

Sum goes to look for Yee to tell her how he feels and finds that she is also in Rome, but is hiding from him. Sum can only find Bo, who tells him that Yee is seriously ill and pleads for him to look after Yee, Sum realises why she wanted to split up with him. Yee reufses Sum again, not wanting to have him back just because he feels sorry for her and not wanting to be a burden on him. She asks Shan to look after Sum for her, btu Shan tells her that the one that Sum loves is her, leaving Yee silent but smiling.

Yee returns to Hong Kong on Sum's plane and he is worried about her condition, so he asks Shan to keep an eye on her. Solar have a project to promote the industry to the children and Sum and Fung are assigned to look after a group of children who are touring the airport. They meet Yee who takes all of Sum's chocolates and gives them to the children, with the meaning of sharing her happiness with others.

Chung meets an old friend at the airport, whose father is a master at making white sugar candy. Seeing this old tradition soon to be lost, Yee contacts the airport authorities to allow him to sell these candies at the airport. In order to further promote this sweet, Sum asks Wong to introduce this into the aeroplane meals and introduces the master to Wong, who agrees. Chung takes some candy home for Cheung and finds that Cheung has finally accepted his son's ambition to become a pilot and even asking him to bring Yan home more often, making Chung extremely happy. Chung prepares a birthday present for Yan and writes her a song, but at this time, he hears the news that his father has been admitted into hospital with a serious illness. At this time, Chung realises that his father's business is on the brink of ruin and is suffering from poor health because of the stress.

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Episode 36 - Chung and Yan split up

Cheung is admitted into hospital and has to undergo an operation, Chung feels that he has a duty to return to the family business. Chung doesn't want to leave Yan, so he seeks the help of Ho to make it appear that his pursuit of her was just for a bet. Yan runs away when she hears this, very upset. Everyone despises Chung for using love as a game. Yan moves back home and Fung goes along to comfort her, regretting letting her go and leaving her hurt. Kam Chak proposes to Ting, but she rejects him, saying she is too used to the single life. At this time, Yan comes home and touched by Kam Chak's care for her, she accepts his proposal.

Chung misses Yan and all his friends and feels lonely. Yee does not believe that Chung's nature will change so suddenly and asks him what has happened, but he evades her. Yee's condition worsens and the doctors urge her to go and get treatment, but she refuses. Sum cares strongly for her, but eager not to bring any troubles for him, she continues to hide the truth from him.

Sum is given the task of co-ordinating Chi's memorial film, so he goes to ask Shan for some old photographs. Faced with all the dolls that Chi has bought her, Shan's pain resurfaces. Lo sees that Shan is emotionally unstable and suggests that she moves back in with her. Shan hears the message that Chi had left her before he died, saying that they are truly destined to be together and asking her for a fresh start. Hearing the heartfelt words of her husband, Shan regrets not treasuring him. Lo and Sum find that Yee's actions are a little strange and when she refuses to move in wit Lo, they go to visit her, but Shan will not let them see her. Sum sees Shan talking to herself all the time and feels something is very wrong.

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Episode 37 - Bo and Lo reveal their relationship

Sum goes to visit Shan and tries to persuade her to move out, but Shan says she does not want to leave Chi and sends Sum away. Sum asks the doctor for advice and he feels that she is suffering from mental problems and needs treatment. Chi appears in Shan's thoughts again, urging her to run out of depression and she pleads for him not to leave her, saying she will do anything. Bo's parents ask him if he is dating and he doesn't say anything, but Lo strongly denies it, laughing off the suggestion, upsetting Bo. Bo feels that Lo looks down on him and decides to split up and move out. Shan tells Lo that she should treasure what she has and seeing her wrongs, she asks Bo to stay and not to move out, agreeing to reveal their relationship.

Bo and Lo invite everyone out and reveal their love and meet Ho and Chung by chance. Seeing the grudge against them, the two men feel helpless and Ho comforts Chung. Fung sees that Yan is unhappy and he tells her how he feels about her, Yan is touched. At a check-up in the hospital, Yee meets Chung and finds out about his father's illness. She calls out Ho and he tells her the story. Sum encourages Yee to tell Yan the truth and when Yan and Fung find out, they feel bad at being hostile towards him.

Chung heads to Australia for work and takes the plane that Yan and Fung are flying. The two apologise to Chung and they make up. On the flight, the captain and the First Officer suffer from food poisoning and are unable to fly the plane. Yan and Fung take the controls and land the plane safely without a flaw. Chung praises their performance and they decide to end their newly started relationship. Cheung's condition improves and he thanks his son for everything he has done, saying he should inherit the company. Dai Hung and Ding Dong head out on their honeymoon and Yee congratulates them, however a small argument leads Ding Dong to take Dai Hung's passport and rip up his plane ticket. Not long afterwards, there is a report that there is a bomb on the plane.

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Episode 38 - Yee's condition worsens

Yee suspects that it is Dai Hung who has reported the bomb scare because he couldn't board the plane and tells the police to arrest him, but he denies this. Sum asks Ding Dong to leave the plane, but she refuses saying this is just a tactic by Dai Hung and she will not leave. Afterwards, Dai Hung rushes onto the plane and tells her how he feels about her, finally clearing things up. Afterwards they find that it is just a scare and Yee is happy to find out that Sum is okay, crying with relief.

Sum looks after Yee with care and takes time out to look after her, they see a shooting star and they both wish to spend the rest of their days together. Yee's condition takes a turn for the worse and the doctors again tell her to undergo treatment in the hospital. At first, Yee wants to refuse, but after the pleas from Sum, she agrees. Sum tells his family about her condition and everyone is worried about her.

On one of Sum's flights, passenger Mr Yu is rushing back to Singapore to give one of his kidneys to his five year old son. On the way, they find out that the child's condition is worsening and he urges the captain not to make the stop and go straight to Singapore so that he can make the operation. Sum and the flight crew consider the implications this would have to several hundred passengers and the technical problems and find this a difficult situation. Bearing in mind that a life is at risk, Sum requests a special dispensation from the company and allows a vote from the other passengers on the plane and a majority agree to help Mr Yu. The operation is a success and everyone in the company is very excited, sum receives praise for his actions. Yee feels that she has little time left and returns to work after leaving hospital. The company arranges for her to take part in a promotional clip and Sum is there to look after her. Lo looks for Sum to tell him that Shan has been acting strange and asks him to look out for her. Sum finds that Shan is often going back to her old home, so he follows her.

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Episode 39 - Shan regains her strength and will

Sum finds that Shan is acting strangely and is worried, he discusses it with Yee who feels it is a shame that Shan is letting go of her own life while she fights for her own and feels bitter. Yee goes out for a walk and sees some newborn babies, that make her see how amazing life is, inspiring her to regain her spirit in life as she decides to continue living bravely. Yee and Sum go camping and realise their dream as they see a rainbow together and have no more regrets. Yee arrange an airport wedding for Dai Hung and Ding Dong and Sum urges her not to work too hard, but she indicates that in the little time she has left, she would like to finish everything she has to do, Sum supports her. Sum sees the promotional clip that Yee made and everyone praises her sweet smile, in good spirits, he takes the tape back to show Yee.

Shan continues to fantasise that Chi is by her side and her concentration suffers. Chi tells her to let go of the past and that to have been together was already a blessing, but Shan will not accept this. Shan goes to visit Yee and her words and gestures suggest she is tired of living. Yee is worried and tells Sum who hurries to find Shan. Shan takes an overdose at home to commit suicide, but Sum arrives in time and saves her life, Sum is pained that she does not treasure her life leaving Chi unable to rest in peace.

Shan is admitted to hospital for psychiatric treatment and Yee goes to visit her, she urges Shan to treasure her life for the sake of those who care for her, Shan finally awakens. At this time Chi reappears and seeing that Shan's condition is improving, he can finally let go and bid farewell. Shan has lost her true love, but she still has the love of friends and family as she decides to start a new life. Shan regains her strength and goes to visit Yee, offering her support, but Yee's condition continues to get worse and she is constantly fainting. The doctor says that unless she has a heart transplant, then the remainder of her life will be short. When Sum hears this, he is totally devastated and cannot come to terms with the prospect of losing Yee as Shan stands by and supports him.

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Episode 40 - Yee receives a heart transplant (Grand Finale)

The doctors find a suitable donor for Yee and arrange for a transplant operation for her. The operation is a great success and everyone is very happy. Sum feels he has regained what he has lost and treasures her even more. Afterwards, Dai Hung goes to visit Yee and tells her that Ding Dong died in a traffic accident and he donated her heart to Yee to keep a little piece of his love in the world. Learning that her heart has come from Ding Dong, Yee decides she must live life to the full.

Chung's family business begins to improve and when he meets Yan and the others again, they are all very happy to see him. Fung pushes him to take the chance to restart what he had with Yan, but Chung insists that it was Fung who gave way for him to date her in the beginning and he is the one for her. The two both agree that they should never give up their friendship for love. Yan asks Ting for help on how to choose, but she can offer no advice and Yan is left puzzling over it. Later, Chung and Fung call Yan out and the three agree that it is difficult to choose and decide to concentrate on their respective careers, let go of love affairs and just be friends.

Sum returns to his work and takes on the role of looking after another set of new recruits. Yee suffers from an infection and suffers from a sudden high fever. Sum rushes to see her and is very flustered, but Shan comforts him. After the trials of life and death, Shan and Sum finally realise that they share a higher love like that of family and Shan decides to head back to Australia to be with Chi's family.

Solar has another recruitment drive, Fung and the others are promoted and celebrate proudly. Chung is envious, but they all say that they will wait for him to rejoin the team. Sum encourgaes them to work even harder and become outstanding pilots. Yee's application for Dai Hung and Ding Dong to have their wedding at the airport is accepted, but is no longer of any use, but Sum decides to keep it for his own use. When Yee leaves hospital, Sum takes Yee out to the runway and proposes to her...